Specialized Capabilities

Enhancing solution design with specialized software applications.

CADNA A (Computer Aided Noise Analysis) calculates sound pressure levels and signal-to-noise ratios in industrial plant structures. It allows rapid input of structural data along with accurate models of sound emitters. Together with the noise emission data of the target industrial plant, it is used to verify the acoustic design of Public Address & General Alarm (PAGA) life safety systems. This ensures that sound pressure levels over noise are adequate for intelligible speech and alarm tones are achieved.

Satmaster Pro performs Satellite Link Budget and related calculations for SPDC (VSAT) and TVRO systems. It includes a database of satellite information. All uplink and downlink parameters may be entered along with satellite transponder characteristics to calculate dish sizing, LNB noise figure, HPA power capability and signal processing necessary to achieve the required signal to noise ratio for required link reliability. Solar outage predictions and Rain attenuation effects are also included.

Pathloss 4 calculates radio path loss for Microwave systems, and area coverage for VHF-UHF networks, allowing input of all factors contributing to system gain and loss. For line of sight links it also calculates reliability in given atmospheric conditions, and is supported by integral terrain databases with worldwide coverage. Environmental factors such as rain and over-water locations can also be factored in.

AWE WINPROP software determines coverage within industrial plants or built-up urban areas. In these conditions scattering and reflections are important. It uses a dominant-ray model and allows loss and reflection characteristics of building materials to be included. For systems such as TETRA, P25, WIFI and WI-MAX, it provides site wide indoor and outdoor coverage prediction with high confidence.