Bohai Bay Field

About This Project

The largest oil and gas extraction & production installation offshore China, situated approximately 200km east of Beijing, in only 30m water. Phase-1 was an early production facility consisting of an existing WHP, new Riser Utility platform connected to a refurbished FPSO. Subsequent phases increased the number of extraction WHPs. The entire project involved the development of six platforms and a 300m FPSO.


Bohai Bay, China



  • ConocoPhillips China
  • China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC)


CSE Transtel Scope of Work

8 Packages (FPSO, WHP-A to F, RUP)

  • FPSO & 8 Offshore facilities – Overall Telecom System integrator
  • 19 systems (Trunked Radio, Microwave, LAN/WAN, PAGA, CCTV, Aero & Marine Radio, INMARSAT, VSAT, Entertainment, Radar, NDB)
  • Over 1000 Km Telecom cables, 2500 speakers
  • 5 design and fabrication sites in China, USA, Singapore & Indonesia
  • CCS certification & ConocoPhillips China standard
Offshore, Oil & Gas